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Current Student - Joe Diacovo -
"From Rutgers to Hollywood"

Joe Diacovo is preparing for a career in Hollywood and he’s doing his training in the The Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School Two-Year Certificate Program. Diacovo, 30, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania worked full time at a golf course for 4 years as a maintenance worker and foreman prior to enrolling in the Rutgers turf program. He also worked part time as a disc jockey in his own entertainment business. “I got into the golf business because I like golf and I wanted to play for free. That was the main reason,” said Diacovo. “But supervisors liked my work ethic and I soon took on more responsibilities. My boss is a Rutgers Golf Turf Program Alumnus and he referred me to the program. It’s close and convenient plus it’s a top school.” The way Diacovo figures it; he could always go back to work for himself as a DJ without having to get any more education but the Rutgers program is a chance to earn an education to advance in doing something that he already loves.

When it came to choosing between the Rutgers turf program and an online competitor Diacovo knew that Rutgers would be the best fit for him. “I couldn’t see myself taking these classes online. I knew I wouldn’t do the work unless I was in a school setting; in front of teachers. It’s easiest to learn this stuff in a group environment.” At Rutgers, Diacovo’s classmates include people from around the country and even the world. “Every instructor is top notch,” said Diacovo.

As for his future in the turf management industry; things are looking very green. He was elected president of his class at Rutgers and during the break between his first and second year in the Rutgers turf program, Diacovo was promoted from the foreman at an 18 hole facility to assistant superintendent at a 36 hole course which came with a raise in pay. “They offered it to me while I was still in my 1st year of school,” said Diacovo.

Diacovo wants to eventually branch off into the Hollywood turf industry; growing turf for movie sets, a career option he heard about through a friend. “I think it would be cool; traveling to all different locations and trying to grow turf there. You can earn a six figure salary in turf management,” said Diacovo.

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