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Current Student - John Keegan -
"Cultivating the American Dream"

John Keegan of Wilmington, Vermont is only 24 years old but he already knows that he wants to live out the American dream. Keegan is a nationally certified former ski and snowboarding instructor who taught for seven years. He got interested in golf course turf management because of a background in farming and a love of the game. He’s been working at a low budget course for the past 4 years; sharing the role of assistant with another guy. He was recommended to the Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School by his superintendent, a Rutgers alumnus. The Rutgers Two Year Certificate program impressed Keegan because it’s not just about grass. “We learn surveying, construction, trees, diseases and so much more,” said Keegan. “I could have gone to [another turf management school] right down the road but this [Rutgers program] fit right into my schedule. Plus the cost is right.”

Since completing his first year in the program Keegan has already been promoted at work. He was given more money, more responsibility and he has noticed that his superintendent has taken him under his wing more. Speaking about his farming background Keegan said, “I love watching things grow.” Earning a certificate from the Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School has already helped John Keegan grow in the turf management industry.

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